All Wood Cabinets: High Quality Cabinets

All Wood Cabinets: High Quality Cabinets

Welcome to our online store of all wood cabinetry. We are All Wood Cabinets, a wholesale online distributor of quality cabinets. We offer durable, sturdy, sophisticated, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association certified all wood cabinetry.

House Improvement Ideas: Add Quality Cabinets

If you have house improvement ideas like DIY kitchen remodel or a new bathroom interior design, you might need quality cabinets. You certainly want reliable, long-lasting, quality cabinets that you can use for the years to come. Your new all wood cabinetry should look stylish, it should match your already existing environment, it should have storing capacity to have enough space for all your items. Quality cabinets should be resistant to heat, cold, humidity, and the small damages that may occur day after day. We offer high quality cabinets: natural, great looking all wood cabinetry. Whether you want kitchen cabinets, office cabinets, hung vanity cabinets, or bathroom cabinets, we offer something that will make your house improvement ideas come true. For an improved bathroom interior design or DIY kitchen remodel, you could not find a better option than our products. They look like high-end home accessories, and they come in low prices.

All Wood Cabinetry that Has the Best Construction Options

Our wood cabinets were made of high quality materials like plywood and thick solid wood.

Our well-crafted all wood cabinetry will last for a long, long while because of the special construction and excellent materials. At All Wood Cabinets, the products have walls, base, top and bottom as well as the shelves made of A grade plywood with wood veneer instead of particle boards. Veneers are pieces of wood, cut straight out of logs. Plywood is a slab of woods made of multiple layers of wood veneers glued together. Plywood has a distinctive cross grain pattern. Plywood is more durable than solid wood, because it will not expand toward the grains (it will have no space for that), such as changes of temperature or the humidity in the air. At strategic parts, All Wood Cabinet products are made of plywood. Plywood is lighter, so it is a better option for hung vanity cabinets. Plywood is resistant to moisture, it will not swell or deform because of humidity. Plywood constructions are stronger than cabinets made of particle boards or solid wood.

All Wood Cabinet products feature adjustable hinges and soft-close drawer glides.


Particle board is a slab of wood, made of wood fibers. All Wood Cabinet products have medium density fiber for door centers for better stability.

The drawer boxes and face frames are made of solid wood.

Our all wood cabinetry products are eco-friendly, they meet the standards of California Air Resources Board. Our products will match your house improvement ideas and needs, they are functional and aesthetic, they have trendy designs, they come in various colors, with several finishes that are scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly. Our all wood cabinetry will look nice and tasteful in your home. Do you have house improvement ideas and plans? Look no further. With us, you can do a whole DIY kitchen remodel or you can create a new bathroom interior design.

Other Benefits of our All Wood Cabinetry

Our quality cabinets are inexpensive. They come in affordable prices. We will ship our products throughout the whole United States. We can ship ready to assemble and pre-assembled cabinets, you decide which option you prefer. Our cabinets are easy to assemble and install.

We offer warranties for our product, because we know that we offer quality cabinets. We have been in the industry since 1984, and during the past three decades we have built a fantastic reputation. Have a look at our reviews and testimonials – they will tell you a whole lot.

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