Five Things to Look for When Designing a Kitchen

It usually happens sooner or later when you look around and decide that your kitchen needs remodeling. Whether you have something specific in mind or not, a kitchen remodel is every so often is generally a good idea for a number of reasons.

First, kitchens undergo plenty of heat and moisture compared to most other rooms in your home. Plus, the kitchen will have more vulnerable additions such as wooden cabinets, tables, chairs and other features that will wear from the temperature changes over time. Unlike the bathroom which has tile on the floors and walls, kitchens often have more exposed surfaces.

The Five Points of a Kitchen Remodel

So, whether you have a specific idea or not, remodeling the kitchen will need to incorporate at least five ideas before you can order the materials and get going with the project. The more you can plan beforehand, the better your remodeling will be.

Space: This is generally the number one issue that people want from their kitchen design, more space. At first, it may not seem possible to get more space without sacrificing quite a bit in terms of storage space. However, limiting countertops and putting up more cabinets which are off the floor can add considerably to the space in which you live.

Theme: Are you going old fashioned or modern? Perhaps you want something in-between or unlike what anyone else have for their kitchen design. Whatever you choose, having a solid theme is very important in pulling together what you want your kitchen to be. Remember, themes come with their own positive and negative aspects to the size and space you have to work with for your kitchen.

Materials: You’ll want to use the best materials if at all possible in your kitchen design efforts. Remember, you want this one to last as long as possible and using sub-standard materials may save you a few dollars now, but it will cost you far more in the long run. A granite countertop for example may be expensive, but it is very long lasting.

Color: Color is a very important aspect to your kitchen design. You’ll want to consider the right color combinations so that your kitchen is the most presentable possible. Be sure to go over any color designs you have with professionals that are hired to do the job.

Professional Installation: This is arguably the most important decision in your kitchen design efforts as doing it yourself will save a considerable amount of money, but it will take you far longer to accomplish. Unless you are a carpenter and experienced in remodeling kitchens, you probably want to a reputable professional or company to do the job. However, if you are just replacing an item here or there and you do have some skills, then you may want to do this part yourself.

Overall, effective kitchen design starts with the planning stage and carries it right up to the final nail that completes the remodeling effort. So, be sure that you take the time to get everything in line so that your kitchen design will be one that you’ll love to cook in for a long time to come.


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