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Lighting your Kitchen on a Budget

Posted by   B Haynes

Properly lighting your kitchen is a must when preparing food for the dinner table. However, for many people remodeling their kitchen to install traditional lighting may be too expensive or simply not practical for the space that they have.

However, there are several ways that you can add more light to your kitchen while on a budget and not taking up much in the way of room as well. It starts by identifying the places where you need more light such as under cabinets or places where the normal light from the overhead lights and windows simply do not reach.

Stick-On Lights

You may have seen them advertized on TV. This type of small, battery-powered light is very inexpensive, can be stuck on practically anywhere and will last for years thanks to the LED bulb which takes up little in the way of energy. You can buy a pack of three small lights for under $10.

LED Rope Lights

This rather unusual lighting solution offers a great way to improve the overall lighting conditions under the cabinets while taking up very little room. An LED rope light is easy to install and will last for years off of a single battery when used normally. You can line the underside of your cabinets or on top to add a soft lighting touch to the top of the kitchen.

Portable LED Fixture

This portable LED accent light has nine bulbs and can be used in a number of different settings to create the right type of light for your needs. Whether you need a little to accent the mood or a lot to prepare dinner, this is a great versatile light which works very well in many different situations.

Petite Lamps

If you have a little more money in the pocketbook for lighting improvements, try adding a small lamp to the countertop or table. While it takes up a little room, it can really accent the kitchen while providing the type of light you need. Lamps designed for children’s rooms are often the best as they are quite small and stylish as well.

Ceiling Light w/Multiple Arms

Costco for example has created a ceiling light with multiple arms each carrying an LED light that can be pointed at a particular area to provide specific illumination. This type of light is not very expensive and can add just enough extra light to be perfect when preparing food or eating in the kitchen.

You’ll want to look over your kitchen to see exactly where the new lighting should go and start with budget solutions first so that you are not wasting your money. Adding a couple of stick-on lights is very inexpensive and if you want to replace them, then the stick-on lights can go elsewhere in the kitchen or another room where needed.

All in all, adding more illumination to your kitchen costs very little money, but it can really add to the look and feel of your kitchen area. So take a little money and start adding new lights


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