I am very pleased with the cabinets I ordered from you. The quality was very good. I will recommend you to my friends.
I am impressed with the quality.
I love the quality of your cabinets and the entire purchase process. You have been fantastic supporting me as a customer during this process.
I had my bother-in-law who is a contractor come and help me with my cabinet installation. He was amazed at how good the cabinets looked and surprised how strong they were when assembled. He installed Mills Pride cabinets and he said your cabinets were way better. His said on his next kitchen job he will recommend your cabinets.
I wanted to thank you for helping me order my cabinets. They were much better in quality than what I expected. I did not have a difficult time assembling them. I put together a cabinet from Ikea and it took 5 times longer to assemble and all particle board. These were a piece of cake built much better. Thanks again.
I finally got my cabinets installed this week and I am totally amazed that I spent less than $3,600 on my kitchen cabinets. I had quotes from other companies and they wanted twice the price and the quality was not as good. My wife is thrilled. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
I am a builder and have been buying cabinets for years and I have to say your cabinets are good quality and my customers are very pleased with them.
I do bathrooms every so often and my customers are always looking to save money. I purchased 2 vanities from you a 36” and a 12” to make a 42” vanity in Oasis. Worked out well one side has drawers and the customer loved it. I installed it with a black granite top and white bowls. If I do a kitchen I will recommend you to my customers.
I am very happy and so is my wife; I saved a lot of money buying your cabinets. Compared to another price I had my saving came to almost $1,800. I have no complainants with the quality or finish. The money I saved paid for my contractor and saved me a lot of work. You can’t beat that. You have my recommendation.
I've installed and even built quite a few cabinets. There is no way I could have saved any real money building them myself. And I really liked many of the details on your cabinets. The metal brackets made them very easy for one man to assemble. The finish is really nice. The all plywood bodies made it very easy for me to trim and fit things as needed in my old house. You can be sure that I'll be recommending your cabinets."
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