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 "Town Square Grey / Midtown Grey / K-White / Nova Light Grey" will be shipping after 2/2/2021


I do bathrooms every so often and my customers are always looking to save money. I purchased 2 vanities from you a 36” and a 12” to make a 42” vanity in Oasis. Worked out well one side has drawers and the customer loved it. I installed it with a black granite top and white bowls. If I do a kitchen I will recommend you to my customers.
I am very happy and so is my wife; I saved a lot of money buying your cabinets. Compared to another price I had my saving came to almost $1,800. I have no complainants with the quality or finish. The money I saved paid for my contractor and saved me a lot of work. You can’t beat that. You have my recommendation.
I've installed and even built quite a few cabinets. There is no way I could have saved any real money building them myself. And I really liked many of the details on your cabinets. The metal brackets made them very easy for one man to assemble. The finish is really nice. The all plywood bodies made it very easy for me to trim and fit things as needed in my old house. You can be sure that I'll be recommending your cabinets."
We got our cabinets and they look great! The workmen are also very impressed, they tell me they will be much easier to build and install than they were anticipating. This is a rental and I think the new cabinets will help tremendously. Can't wait to see them installed.
We had a problem with the trucking company damaging one cabinet. It was crushed, I think they ran over it. I called AWC and they replaced it. It took about a week but I received a new one. Thanks guys!
The cabinets were of very good quality. The finishes were very good. I am very happy with my cabinets.
I was surprised at how easy the cabinets went together. I put a cabinet together in no time. Couldn't have been much easier they just snapped together and were very strong.
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